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Latest Ubisoft release dates

All the latest on "Covert Ops" and the rest of Ubisoft's line-up

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French publisher UbiSoft have updated their UK release schedule, with several changes and additions. Stealthy action-adventure game "In Cold Blood", which we were expecting to be released today, has been pushed back two weeks to October 27th. It joins "Rainbow Six : Covert Ops", which is something of a mix of computer game, edutainment and gun fetishist's wet dream, featuring new missions, training scenarios, interviews "top experts in the field", and video footage of the real-life weapons and equipment seen in the game.

Fans of Rainbow Six will be glad to hear that the more conventional titles in the series (Rainbow Six, Rogue Spear and Urban Operations) all look set for a budget re-release on December 1st. Other planned December releases for UbiSoft include "Pro Rally 2001", now confirmed for December 1st, and Everquest add-on pack "Scars of Velious" on December 8th. For all the latest UK release information on over a hundred titles, check EuroGamer's comprehensive UK release date list.

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