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Siege of Avalon : Chapter Two

The self-proclaimed world's first "episodic game novel" gets its second episode

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Episodic is one of the big buzz words to hit the gaming industry recently, and Digital Tome claim to be the first to release an episodic game, in the form of medieval role-playing game "Siege of Avalon". The first episode is available for free from the game's website, and apparently provides up to twenty hours of gameplay to "set the stage for a much larger story and introduce a compelling scenario that unfolds over the subsequent episodes", according to Creative Director Van Collins. Now the first of those subsequent episodes is available to download for $9.95, which is just shy of £7.00 at current exchange rates.

"This first continuation chapter embodies everything we've dreamed about when we first came up with the idea for episodic games two years ago", Van Collins enthuses in the press release announcing the second chapter. "Chapter one does a great job in establishing the basic story and introducing the key characters. Building on this foundation we have been able to really focus on larger and more complex new environments, and richer more intricate dialogs and character personalities in chapter two."

If you want to see if the game lives up to the hype, head over to the Siege of Avalon website and grab the first chapter for free.

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