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Hokey religions and ancient weapons...

Light sabers make a comeback in Star Wars : Obi Wan, with a new control system for the Jedi's favourite weapon

Death Stars, Tie Fighters and AT-ATs are all well and good, but in the Star Wars universe when it comes to one-on-one combat there are few things more dangerous than a well-trained Jedi knight with a light saber. Lucas Arts are currently hard at work on "Obi Wan", a new third person action game based on the recent "Phantom Menace" movie, in which you play the eponymous Jedi made famous by actors Alec Guinness and Ewan McGregor. Now, in an interview on Italian gaming site NextGame.it, Stephen Shaw has described how Obi Wan's trusty light saber is controlled in the new game...

"In order to make the saber combat interesting we are trying to cram the game with a variety of offensive and defensive moves. Additionally we have implemented a new control system (the 'glyph' system), which will hopefully give more advanced players who want to become more proficient with the saber better selection and control of the extended moves. This system essentially translates the player's hand gestures with the mouse into lightsaber moves. Players should feel more closely tied to this unique Jedi weapon and its powers with this system."

If everything goes to plan, this new control system should allow you to feel the force flowing through you like never before... Unfortunately we won't know whether it worked out for a few months more yet, as Obi Wan's release has recently been put back to early 2001.