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You're in the army now

Research group looking for developers to work on 3D training game for the US Military

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The US Military has a long history of using computer games as training tools, from designing their own custom flight and tank simulators to using a modified version of Doom (known as "Marine Doom") to encourage better team-work and hand-eye coordination amongst their soldiers. Now the NPSNET Research Group, based at the Americans' Naval Postgraduate School and with over fifteen years of experience developing multiplayer games (sorry, sims) for the US military, is working on a new project which will apparently be based on a well-known 3D graphics engine. We're guessing Lithtech or Unreal, but we could be wrong.

Either way, the group has a five year multi-million dollar contract to develop training sims for the US Army based on existing 3D game engines, and they are looking for experienced developers from the gaming industry or mod community to help them. As they point out, the project has the advantage that it is unlikely to be cancelled or cut down, and that "this publisher doesn't even care about hitting the shelves for Christmas!" They are also promising competitive salaries and benefits, flexible working arrangements, education opportunities, and the chance to work on the Monterey peninsula in California, little more than a stone's throw from the Pacific beaches.

Sadly they are only accepting applications from US citizens (well, you would hardly expect them to hire the Chinese to work on a military project .. ahem), but if you're an American and fancy working for your army without having to do push-ups from dusk til dawn while some mad drill instructor yells in your ear, this could be just the ticket. Serve your country without any risk of getting your head blown off, get well paid for it, and pick up some valuable game development experience using one of the industry's leading 3D engines - what more could you hope for? Head over to the Army Game Project website for the full skinny on the positions they are looking to fill...

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