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Latest Virgin release information

All the latest on "Icewind Dale : Heart Of Winter", "Screamer 4x4" and the rest of Virgin's line-up

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The latest release schedule has just arrived from British publisher Virgin Interactive, with several changes to their line-up. The perennially delayed real-time strategy game "War Torn" has unsurprisingly slipped another week to October 27th - that's not so much news as a running a joke now... Meanwhile off-road racer "Screamer 4x4" has been pushed back a couple of weeks to November 10th, although it has at least now kept the same title for two months running - it has been variously known as "Offroad Challenge" and "4x4 Trophy" over the last few months.

Dungeon crawlers everywhere will be disappointed to hear that the official "Icewind Dale" add-on "Heart Of Winter" has been pushed back to January 2001 from its originally scheduled December 1st release date, but there is consolation as the DVD edition of "Baldur's Gate 2" is confirmed for a December 8th release, just in time to slot under the tree of your favourite elf-hugger. For all the latest release information on over a hundred games due for release over the next year, check EuroGamer's comprehensive UK release date list

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