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The PS2's Launch Line-up Shortens

It looks as though two or three titles may be late for the launch, but hey, there were 33 to start with..

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Image credit: Eurogamer

According to our chums at Daily Radar, the PlayStation 2's original launch line-up of some 33 titles in this country has now been shortened to 31, with another title expected to slip within the next few days. Disney's Dinosaur from Ubi-Soft and F1 World Grand Prix from Konami will not be available at launch; the former will arrive a fortnight later on the 10th of December while the latter we are told won't even make this year, slipping to around March 2001. It seems F1 was the unfortunate victim of a miscommunication, as Konami deny that it was ever going to hit launch. Another more interesting development is the rumour that THQ's Summoner may see a similar slippage announcement in the next day or two.

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