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Stars grab their balls

The first official All Stars "Clusterball" match is taking place later this month

The folks from the delicately titled "Clusterball" fan site Ball Snatchers sent word that they are organising the game's first official "All Star" match, with a selection of eight top players from around the world taking part in an hour of aerial ball snatching shenanigans on Sunday October 22nd. Spectators will also be able to watch the matches thanks to the game's new demo recording feature, which is being added in the next patch.

Clusterball is an impressive looking 3D accelerated multiplayer game, in which players compete to grab balls and drag them through nets to score points .. while flying a fanciful high speed plane. It's something of a mix of future sports, flight sim and action game then. The basic version is free to download, with additional venues for the game now on sale, so if you want to see what the fuss is all about, head over to the official Clusterball website!