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Everquest gets bigger and cheaper

Good news for Everquest fans as winter approaches, giving them even less reason to leave their PCs

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The addictive massively multiplayer game "Everquest" has proven to be one of the most successful role-playing games ever, with 400,000 copies sold worldwide to date, and up to 67,000 players online at any one time. Now, with winter almost upon us, the game's European publishers have good news for both veterans of the game and newcomers alike who are looking for an escape from the long cold northern nights.

Starting on Friday 13th October (lucky for some apparently) the "Everquest : Ruins of Kunark" pack will be available for just £19.99, making it cheaper than ever to get into the game and explore both Norrath proper and the new continent of Kunark. Meanwhile the new "Scars of Velious" expansion pack is now due to be released worldwide on December 7th, providing a convenient stocking filler for the elf-lover in your life, with the UK price set at just £14.99. Velious adds another whole new continent to the insanely popular game, with 16 new zones to explore, new creatures to slay, new weapons to wield, new spells to discover, and improved 3D graphics.

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