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Swedes NiP in for Counter-Strike victory

Swedish clan NiP wins the PC Gamer Counter-Strike Championships

Over the past three months a total of 64 clans from around the UK and Europe have been battling it out in the PC Gamer Counter-Strike Championships, a massive online league for the ever-popular Half-Life mod, organised by EuroGamer and the OGA and sponsored by the gaming portal formerly known as WON.net. In the end it was a pair of Swedish clans, "Ninjas in Pyjamas" (NiP) and "United Section" (USEC), who faced off in a tense final on cs_miltia, which ended with the two teams in a dead heat with 7 points a piece! A decider was played out on Dust, with NiP managing to pull well ahead this time to take the victory. Congratulations to both clans, as well as semi-finalists Team Fortuna and Menace 2 Society.