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Latest Take 2 release dates

All the latest news on "4x4 Evolution" and the rest of Take 2 and the Gathering of Developers line-up

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The latest release schedule from Take 2 Europe has just arrived, with a few noteworthy changes to their Winter 2000 line-up. Offroad racer "4x4 Evolution", which we were expecting to be released last week, is now due on October 27th, which is looking like a busy day for Take 2 with no less than seven games due out, including the second Blair Witch title, "The Legend of Coffin Rock", and Viking action game "Rune". One casualty of the October rush though is "Jetfighter 4", which has been delayed a month to November 24th.

Slippage has also effected hunting game "Duke Nukem : Endangered Species", now due on January 30th 2001, while other January releases now include naval strategy game "Age of Sail 2" and the final Blair Witch game, "The Elly Kedward Tale", both due out on January 14th.

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