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Latest EA release dates

All the latest on "Alice", "F1 Manager", "Tiger Woods", "FIFA 2001" and the rest of EA's line-up

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Electronic Arts have updated their release schedule with a few minor changes to their plans for the UK. The promising and downright bizarre looking third person action-adventure game "Alice" has been put back a couple of weeks to December 8th, but most of the changes are amongst the EA Sports titles. "F1 Manager", which was originally due out today, has been pushed back a week to Friday 13th October (unlucky for some), while the inevitable soccer game "FIFA 2001" has also slipped a week, to November 10th. Meanwhile two new titles have popped up - "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001" due for release on November 17th, and an "F1 Championship Season 2000" update on November 24th.

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