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Fire Goes Out

Bad news for Babylon 5 fans as space combat sim "Into The Fire" finally dies after a long lingering illness

The promising space combat sim "Babylon 5 : Into the Fire" has finally been cancelled, about a year after publisher Sierra announced that they were no longer funding the project. Since then the developers, Sector 14 Studios, have continued working on the game in their spare time, trying to find another publisher to take up the project, but it seems that Sierra have now killed the project permanently. "It is not due to problems with Sector 14 Studios, nor is it due to lack of interest by publishers, or lack of funding, but rather the current holder of the materials recently informed us they were no longer interested in selling the game assets", Sector 14 CEO Richard G. Brewer explained in a message on fan site First Ones, going on to talk about his disappointment at their failure to complete the game.

"Those of you close to the project know just how revolutionary the game design and gameplay would have been, and given the rather stagnant performance of space combat games, many to us knew in our heart of hearts that ItF had real potential to turn the market around, and get some of the life that the first person shooter market has been enjoying for the past three years. For the fan of Babylon 5, it is another blow - the last remaining unseen footage of the cast and crew will remain unseen. This is a tragedy in itself."