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Latest Eidos release information

The latest news on when to expect "Startopia", "Project Eden", "Three Kingdoms" and the rest of the Eidos PC line-up

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The latest UK release information just arrived from Eidos, with a few noteworthy changes. For a start off, both "Age of Empires" style real time strategy game "Three Kingdoms" and the new third person action game from "Tomb Raider" creators Core Design, "Project Eden", have been pushed back to next year and will now side-step the rush over the festive season. Isometric tactical combat game "Commandos 2" is another Christmas casualty, also delayed until next year. On the bright side though, bizarre looking space station management game "Startopia" is now confirmed for a November release - start practicing your whistled rendition of "The Blue Danube"...

Remember, for all the latest information direct from the publishers, check EuroGamer's comprehensive UK release date list, currently tracking over a hundred PC games.

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