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This month should be enough

EA's flagship James Bond game has slipped into April 2001 on PC and PS2, but the PlayStation and N64 versions will be out Stateside on October 17th

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The PlayStation and Nintendo 64 versions of EA's mega-license "The World is Not Enough" will be released this month, but they have slipped a few days to October 17th. There's no word of any related slippage on the Quake III engine-based PS2 or PC versions, although they had already slipped to early 2001 a few months ago, after word leaked out that EA Europe had already dispatched some of its best men to help pull the team together Stateside. Perhaps this latest slip is indicative of what a gargantuan task that was to be. TWINE is the first in a series of titles courtesy of EA's multi-million dollar exclusivity deal with MGM Interactive last year. "007 Racing", a PSX title is also in development.

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