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Mighty Morphin Computer Games?

Fox Kids Europe and Kalisto ink a deal to work together on children's computer games

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Image credit: Eurogamer

French publisher Kalisto have announced a deal with Fox Kids Europe, which will see the companies working together to "create new and original interactive entertainment properties for the 6-12 year old children's market". That's children's computer games to you and me. According to the press release, these games will appear on "all interactive platforms, including next-generation game consoles, PC, Internet, interactive television and mobile phones", and apparently a dozen games and three new TV series to tie in with them have already been planned out as part of the agreement.

Why is this deal so important to Kalisto? Well, Fox Kids owns the rights to 200 licenses, including everything from the endlessly irritating mighty morphin "Power Rangers" and web-slinging super-hero "Spiderman", to the creepy and generally kooky "Addams Family" and "Casper", the friendly ghost. No doubt we'll hear more about this over the next year as the first games start to filter out...

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