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Rage announce Xbox lineup

Software developer Rage has announced that it will be producing E-Racer for Microsoft's fabled Xbox, and that they have two further titles in the works..

And so the guessing game begins.. according to Daily Radar, Rage have now announced that their "E-Racer" title which has been mooted a lot of late is in development for the Xbox. The title is of course an on and off-line racing title (as the hideous name implies), and it should be a good example of the Xbox's Internet capabilities.. Also announced were two further (as-yet undisclosed) titles in development for the format, a racing game and an action/strategy title. The company denies that they will be conversions of titles already produced for other formats, but in spite of this our money would be on an Xbox version of the company's "Wild Wild Racing", the PC version of which is now nearing completion. As for the other, Daily Radar reckon it will be the company's "Incoming Forces" title, which is of course a conversion of the jaunty shoot-em-up that was used to demonstrate the exhaustive graphics capabilities of early 3d accelerator cards, the sequel to which has been long awaited. Although DR reckon on Incoming Forces, we're more inclined to bet on Rage's eclectic action/strategy romp Hostile Waters, which seems to fit the bill more snugly. As we said, they're not prepared to let on exactly what they're developing, but nonetheless it seems fair to say it'll be enough to add a few more notches to Microsoft's belt..

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