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Latest Virgin release information

All the latest dirt on Gunlok, Giants, Sacrifice, Icewind Dale : Heart of Winter, and the rest of Virgin's winter line-up...

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The latest UK release schedule just arrived from Virgin Interactive, with several notable changes. Perhaps the most important update is that the wild looking action-strategy game "Sacrifice" from Shiny is now due on November 24th, along with Rebellion's stealthy squad action game "Gunlok". December is looking like being a busy month for Virgin as well, with several top games now confirmed for release at the tail end of the year. Icewind Dale add-on "Heart of Winter" should arrive in the first week of December, with Star Trek strategy game "Starfleet Command II" on December 8th, stunning action-strategy game "Giants" on December 15th, and "Art Of Magic" ending the year for Virgin on December 29th.

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