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Sony European launch : full details

Meanwhile, on this side of the pond... Sony releases full information on the Playstation 2's European launch.

Sony have announced the full European launch details for their eagerly anticipated next generation console. Most European countries (including the UK) will receive the Playstation 2 on November 24th, while Iceland, the Czech Republic, Israel, Cyprus, Malta and Poland will have to wait a little longer, although units should still arrive there in time for Christmas. There will be 500,000 units on sale across Europe on launch day, although certainly here in the UK all of our initial allotment have already been sold through pre-orders. Another 500,000 units should be available by the end of this year, with a further two million by the end of March 2001.

Sony are also claiming to have 33 Playstation 2 titles ready to ship on the November 24th launch date, with another 30 expected by the end of March 2001. Amongst the more promising launch titles are the freeform off-road racing game "Smuggler's Run", developed by Angel Studios (of Midtown Madness fame) and published by Take 2, and the vaguely historical action game "Dynasty Warriors" from Koei, published in Europe by Midas. "Ridge Racer V", "Tekken Tag Tournament" and "ISS" are also likely to be early favourites, while "Gran Turismo 3" and "Unreal Tournament" are both set for release early next year.