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Fly Me To The Moon

A demo is now available for Topware's 3D strategy game "The Moon Project", a semi-sequel to the excellent Earth 2150

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Image credit: Eurogamer

German publisher Topware Interactive's stunning 3D real-time strategy game "Earth 2150 : Escape From The Blue Planet" was only released in the UK earlier this summer, but already a follow-up to the critically acclaimed game is underway. "The Moon Project" is set during the same period as Earth 2150, but as the title suggests the action has been moved to the moon, where the Lunar Corporation is working on a secret research project. Getting wind of it, the United Civilized States decide to gatecrash the party and find out what's going on. Cue ferocious battles above and below the surface of the moon as the two factions fight it out with a range of new units, buildings and technologies. Now you can get a taste of the action by downloading the playable demo, weighing in at around 70Mb...

download from 3D Files

download from FilePlanet

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