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Long read: The beauty and drama of video games and their clouds

"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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TGS Mondays

The Tokyo Games Show draws to a close for the year 2000 and Sony attempt to get a foot back in after major media coverage of both Nintendo, Microsoft and Sega.

IGN have been on hand in Tokyo having a poke around the various wares on display. The event comes merely days after Microsoft's announcement of yet more development support for the Xbox, and Nintendo's GameCube and GameBoy Advance are still garnering press support, with even Sega grabbing some of the attention.. it seems like the only console not surrounded by furour leading up to the PlayStation 2 release is the PlayStation 2. But despite the Tokyo Game Show taking place thousands of miles away from potential Western customers, the press will be whetting the appetites of everyone, and with titles like Metal Gear Solid 2, Silent Hill 2 and others keeping attendees entertained. As it happens the most popular title of the show came from Konami but wasn't actually MGS2. Z.O.E. is a mech-based 3D action game with adventure elements rather akin to Sega's Virtual On. Reducing journalists into gibbering wrecks, the enormous interest encapsulating the title meant that gamers were allowed a pitiful 30 seconds before security removed them (bodily in some cases) from the units. Definitely one to watch. Other titles that we've been looking forward to include the PS2 version of Operation : Winback and Gran Turismo 2000, but of course the real reason for attendance (for these journos anyway, they are not kidding anyone) is the Booth Babes.