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Frag 4 update

Microsoft sponsor Frag 4, CPL stick with Quake 3 v1.17

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sent along word of another big name sponsor for their "Frag 4" event, taking place next week in Dallas and hosting their largest Quake 3 teamplay tournament to date as well as one of the first for-cash female only Quake 3 tournaments. Microsoft will be at the event, showcasing their SideWinder Game Voice and Sidewinder Strategic Commander products along with the new Age of Empires II add-on, "The Conquerors". The Game Voice is a voice command and communications system, while the Strategic Commander is a new controller designed specifically with real-time strategy games in mind. Meanwhile, in other Frag 4 news, the CPL have announced that they will be using Quake 3 v1.17 in their Quake 3 tournaments at the event, not the controversial new v1.25 patch, which changes the game's physics code and fixes a "bug" (which until recently was described by developers id Software as an intentional design feature) which allows players to cause damage with blast-effect weapons through some thin walls and floors. The changes in the new patch are drastic to say the least, and the CPL has decided it is best to stick with what the players know rather than use the latest version in this case. A decision on which version to use for December's Babbages-CPL event will be made soon.

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