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PS One hits

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony's next console hit store shelves today in America, and no, I'm not talking about the PlayStation 2. We saw the PS One debuted at ECTS this year and thought it looked very impressive. A much smaller version of the original PlayStation console, the PS One's price tag ($79 in the States, around £79 over here) aims it at younger gamers whose parents aren't interested in the £300 PlayStation 2. There are plenty of new PSX games still coming out and with a catalogue of hundreds already available it's a solid Christmas purchase option for the erstwhile parent. Or so Sony would like you to think. Other interesting additions include possible compatibility with mobile cellphones (for what purpose we can only guess but presumably it involves score swapping and the like) and as of Spring next year a four-inch colour TFT display panel, to add supreme portability to the console's feature list. At the size it is already one of the smallest consoles we've encountered.

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