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OS X on Intel

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Image credit: Eurogamer

For those of you who thought you'd seen it all, here's a petition to get Apple's OS X released on Intel. According to the nicely stylised website (which is naturally based on Apple's serene design), OS X is "a beautiful OS, with all the power of a BSD environment". The former is certainly true; anyone who has had the luxury of seeing one of those G4 Cubes in action will know how beautiful a computer and computer operating system can be when given loving attention by Apple. "We know it will run on the Intel platform, we know our hardware will handle it. Apple wants to sell G4's, plain and simple." Well blow me. But seriously, this is very true, on both counts. Apple have a superior product in terms of style and execution and want to use it to sell their range of Macintoshes. The question of games support for the G4 platform is debatable, with games often taking a long time to arrive for Mac-based operating systems, and sometimes the only way to play is to buy a PC game and download the necessary unsupported patches. Quite a risky proposition I'm sure you'll agree. Perhaps the extra exposure the OS would get on an Intel infrastructure would be enough to sway developers into widely supporting it, but despite the 379 signatures at the time of writing, I somehow doubt that it will be enough to sway Apple into risking the livelihood of one of their biggest products, the G4.

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