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Macross for Dreamcast?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

According to Daily Radar UK, Japanese mech-based anime series Macross is coming to Dreamcast, currently under the working title of Macross M. While we shamefully know very little about the TV series here at EuroGamer, the word is that the game's story takes place between the Macross and Macross 7 time periods, and that gameplay will be of the 3-dimensional beat-em-up variety. More news as we get it. In other Dreamcast-related news, Sega's tendancy to favour the USA as an outlet for its new toys and offers continues as it gives owners the opportunity to win a Dodge Viper by simply filling in a SegaNet form. This is hardly shocking; American owners can already pick up interesting new toys like black DC cases (with which you receive loads of free stuff), and of course American Football thriller NFL 2K1 - a game we're never likely to see over here for some reason. Come on Sega, get your act together and share some of the loving!

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