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PlayStation 2 DVD playback enhanced!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

UK hi-fi company Wharfedale has had to modify its DVD750 player to incorporate a new DVD chipset, according to a report in DVD Times. According to representatives of the company, the shortage in LSI Logic chips (previously used in the Wharfedale player) has occurred due to the overwhelming demand for them from none other than Sony. The Register think they have it sussed out - the implication is that Sony wants to chips for the DVD playing side of the PlayStation 2, since the chipset will allow hardware DVD playback rather than software as was to be the case previously (and as it is in Japan). Criticisms were levelled at Sony for the quality (or lack of quality) of DVD playback on its Japanese unit. According to research the Japanese really don't mind that much as they upgrade much more frequently, but the Americans and Europeans will not put up with such inferiority, especially after reports published recently slated VHS in for a meeting with its maker in the next year or so as DVDs take control. Considering the price differential between the US and UK units (£299 versus $299 does not compute), it's a good thing we're getting a decent player for our money..

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