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Counter-Strike Beta 7.1

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Popular Half-Life teamplay modification Counter-Strike is refined further this weekend with the release of the Beta 7.1 update patch. Weighing in at 3.93Mb for current users of the Beta 7.0, the package is also available as a full executable for users who haven't yet tried it, 68.9Mb in size. Main developer "Gooseman" points out that users connecting to servers over the weekend may find that they receive a "client.dll differs" error. This merely indicates that the server has not been upgraded to the latest version. If you know the server operator, drop them a line and inform them of the update. Changes in this version includes fixes to maps added in the latest previous version, improved programming for the vehicles which are making their way into the fray, a few fixes relating to timelimits and maximum rounds settings and some weapon display problems. There are some lag-related issues that have been fixed now also, although the netcode from the most recent official Half-Life update which has met with cold disdain from some sections of the community is untouched. Of most interest to players is the addition of an APC to the popular "cs_siege" map. You can download Counter-Strike and other related files from the official site.

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