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Driven to excess

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Today marks the latest GLSetup release (Build and new drivers for Matrox video cards. The latter comes in several versions for various incarnations of Windows, including the recent Windows Millenium, while GLSetup is unilaterally available in a single executable that suits each Win9x OS for various video cards. Matrox' graphics cards are of course most famed for their DualHead technology, which allows users to output graphics to two monitors simultaneously. We polled a few gamers on QuakeNet IRC about the new drivers; one commented that "the improvement is marginal but you might as well grab them" while another remarked "who cares, they haven't got any petrol". GLSetup first made its name when it was released alongside the Quake III Arena demo test. The premise is that it checks which graphics card you're in possession of then installs appropriate drivers to run OpenGL optimally. The latest release is still very much unfinished with lots of known issues, but for gamers who own one of the selected video cards it takes a lot of the confusion out of upgrading the drivers.

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