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Pre-order PS2s from Gameplay today

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Image credit: Eurogamer

E-commerce outfit Gameplay will today announce a PlayStation 2 pre-order deal, which was unexpectedly announced on their PS2 mailing list early this morning. Lucky gamers who have managed to get in there early will have forms despatched to them today and once returned will be put on the list for Sony's next-generation console, with guaranteed delivery on the morning of November 26th, the day the console hits stores in this country. Delighted representatives of Gameplay happily informed readers that Sony have come through with the goods, and that there will be plenty of units available for the launch, hinting at the fact that many are already in place from the production lines and ready to ship. At the time of writing there is no mention of the deal on Gameplay's online store page, but with the PS2 mailing list announcement arriving at Inboxes the world over, the public web announcement can't be far behind.

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