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CallNet get called out

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Barely a month after big-hype "free" ISP Altavista admitted its incapability to provide an 0800 service, Cable & Wireless has pulled the plug on World CallNet, one of the first ISPs ever to offer the service (albeit to very limited numbers). According to the Telco they were "in serious financial difficulties" and unable to pay enormous bills to C&W. Unconfirmed reports state that Worldcom has also withdrawn its support for the ISP due to similar financial problems. Obviously no-one from CallNet was available as all their lines are now down. Only last week The Register voiced concerns that the company was clinging onto a slippery financial precipice with extreme danger of plummeting to the ground, but Gerard Farley, company president firmly denied rumours about cash problems and laying off staff. "The 0845 business is as strong as it has ever been and we're delighted with its performance," he reportedly said. In fact it was only last week that he used rumours of a destructive whispering campaign against his company to try and win sympathy from the press. He also went on record as saying that he was not running the company into the ground. After today's announcement, he ain't foolin' nobody.

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