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Warcraft III - the story so far

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In an interview with, Blizzard's Bill Roper explains that "we want to do the story like we did in StarCraft, as opposed to how we did it in WarCraft II", with a central storyline common to all of the races in the game rather than entirely seperate campaigns for each. "As you go through the game it's one large storyline, but you pick it up in different places through the course of the storyline. Kind of like getting your side of the story depending on what race you're playing at that point in the storyline."

For those of you living under a rock, Warcraft III is the eagerly anticipated sequel to the classic series of 1990s real-time strategy games, set in a fantasy world of orcs and magic. Originally planned to be a "role-playing strategy game", the game has since evolved back towards being a standard RTS, but still looks promising and sports some rather fetching 3D accelerated graphics. Expect to see the game finally appearing towards the end of next year...

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