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Xbox UT tech?

One of the things that has been causing a bit of a stir of late is the new UT technology. With demos showing off 3700 polygon models and rolling landscapes it's been whipping up interest all over the industry. Thanks to the incredible developer support Tim Sweeney and the guys at Epic provide to their customers we can expect to see this in UT engine games as early as Spring 2001. There's even the danger that it might run well on average computers, something that UT has gained something of a reputation for not being able to do. The main question from the perspective of console gamers is will Xbox developers (seemingly the most likely non-PC group to use it) using the UT engine be able to take advantage of it. Well according to this interview at VoodooExtreme, yes they will! One of the first things Tim Sweeney mentions is that the really exciting application of this tech will come when "DirectX8/X-Box hardware starts to make its way into developers' hands". Despite this revelation, Tim's remarkably tight-lipped throughout the short interview.