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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Blair Witch golden

"Blair Witch Volume 1 : The Rustin Parr Investigation" has now "gone gold", meaning that the game is complete and has been sent off for duplication. It is expected on shelves in both the USA and UK on September 27th, and the recommended US retail price is confirmed as $19.99, which is likely to equate to somewhere between £15 and £20 in the UK. For those of you living out in the woods, Rustin Parr is the first of three Blair Witch games to be released this year, all based on the engine which powered last year's spooky action-adventure game "Nocturne" but all designed by different developers. This first one is by Terminal Reality ("Nocturne"), while Human Head ("Rune") are creating the second, and Ritual ("FAKK2") the third.

source - Spookhouse