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Hail To The King, Baby

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Bruce Campbell is probably best known for his role as Ash in the Evil Dead movies, but he has also become involved in the gaming industry, most recently providing the voice of your character in "Tachyon : The Fringe". Soon he will combine the two with the release of "Evil Dead : Hail To The King", a zombie blaster based on the cult movie series and featuring Bruce's voice. Speaking in an interview with Games Mania, Bruce points out that "computer games have already become more movie-like and movies have become more game-like", and predicts that "in time they will be one and the same".

Bruce also gives his take (as a parent) on the gaming violence debate, declaring that "I feel that game makers should be allowed to make what they feel will be a good game, but I agree with the labeling thing - makers should be up front about what type of game it is. The rest is up to the parents and kids."

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