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Image credit: Eurogamer

Heading East? Singapore Airlines have just the thing to stop you losing your sanity.. As you may or may not know Singapore Airlines and Nintendo have had the "Super NES Gateway" in place on flights since 1994, allowing people on the go to relax with a selection of SNES games. As of November, passengers on 747-400 airliners will be able to make use of a GameBoy as part of the MAS System 3000 In-Flight Entertainment, with a large selection of games available for use. All of the usual titles including Zelda, Mario, Pokemon and others will be available. What puzzles me about this deal is that GameBoys (and the forthcoming GameBoy Advance) are at the height of portability - with battery life that lasts for quite some time. Surely the point of them is to have to take onboard aircraft and the like..

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