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Cubic advance

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer

Cube.IGN have updated with a bunch of interesting news stories fresh from the Japanese press. For one they have news of a Famitsu Weekly poll that questioned 60 Japanese game developers about the next generation console. The results are interesting rather than revealing, with a lot of people who think the technical design, aesthetics and gimmick will sell the unit. Only two developers out of the 60 were willing to say they will not be developing for it. Also from IGN comes pictures of the external V90 56k modem built by Conexant and how it will be attached to the unit. The Hi-Speed Port and the Serial Port 2 haven't been spoken about, but users will be able to choose between a modem adapter and a broadband device for Serial Port 1, both built by Conexant. They will be sold separately. Nintendo has yet to announce its complete online strategy, although judging by Sega's difficulties with their online infrastructure it will be playing its cards close to its chest. Finally, they wrap up with a video reel of Spaceworld 2000 footage.

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