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BIGL - Unreal Tournament finals

The finals of the Unreal Tournament duel competition have just ended here at the Battletop event taking place at the Millenium Dome in London. Played out on Deck16, Liberator picked up the first frag but his sniper rifle fetish didn't really work out, and Dougal had soon rocketed his way back into the lead. By half time Dougal seemed to be in control, and pulled out a 5 : 1 lead at one point. Liberator came back hard, picking up a couple of sniper shots followed by a shrapnel strike to make it 5 : 4. In the end it was Dougal who came through though, picking up two late frags to take the lead out of Liberator's reach. A good game, and both players will be flown to Korea to represent the UK at the World Cyber Games Challenge in Korea...