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BIGL - Age of Empires II final

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The final of the "Age of Empires II" competition has just ended here at the UK's first BattleTop tournament, taking place at the Millenium Dome in London. The game was somewhat confusing, as it was taking place on a very small map and the two players had chosen yellow and green as their team colours, making their units almost impossible to distinguish on the big screens showing the match. The game was close throughout, with DevilZ.HigH getting the early initiative with a first strike before claiming the center of the map, which became a battlefield strewn with corpses and burnt out buildings for the rest of the match. In the end it was HigH who came through and took the victory from his clanmate DevilZ.Loko, taking home the £1400 first prize. Nice.

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