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SegaNet Pings Into View..

Sega today entered the Internet Service Provider market for real with the launch of their ISP SegaNet. At the moment it's only available in the US, but details of the UK launch are doubtless not far behind. Sega has been in need of new sources of income for quite some time, as they face inevitable sales problems with the PlayStation 2 in the offing and the X-Box / GameCube dominating the presses. Their new price tag of £149 may help matters, as may their DVD player plus console for £299 option, which they hope will give Sony a run for their money this Christmas, but the ISP market (especially in the States where subscription charges are basically all you pay) is a very lucrative side option. SegaNet will have to prove itself before people start handing over their cash in large numbers, but with all sorts of rebate deals planned as well as 50 hours free with each Dreamcast purchased they should make a decent enough go of it.