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Havas to play in the Creatures Playground

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Love 'em or hate 'em, those cute little Norns have become a fact of life, starring in three "Creatures" games plus "Creatures Adventures". Developers Creature Labs have now announced that their next entry in the series, a children's game called "Creatures Playground", will be published in Europe by Havas Interactive, while Encore will be handling the north American distribution of the game. Encore will also be publishing "The Creatures Collection", which will include the entire Creatures trilogy for newcomers to the series.

Creatures Playground is described by the developers as "a never-ending fairground for children to explore", featuring "a huge variety of locations and activities, from a costume workshop and an Alien space station to amusement park rides, complete with a Design-It-Yourself roller coaster". The game will also link up with Creatures Adventures for players with both. For the full scoop, read the press release.

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