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A matter of perspective

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Image credit: Eurogamer

There's something of a split in the action genre at the moment between first person games (like Quake and Unreal) and third person games (like Tomb Raider and FAKK2). Tony Barnes is lead designer on "Deep Space Nine : The Fallen", an Unreal-engined third person action-adventure game based on the popular Star Trek DS9 series. In an interview with 3D Action Planet he explains why they went with a third person view, pointing out that "when you have access to strong characters such as the ones on Star Trek: DS9, it is best to utilize them".

"By placing the game in third person, we allow you to see the character you are controlling in more than just a cut-scene or options menu, and grant the player the opportunity to role-play as an established character in the Star Trek universe. Third person view provides the opportunity to feel something for your character, more than if you were a "nameless box" floating through corridors."

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