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Championship Manager Rides Again

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The ever-popular "Championship Manager" soccer management sim is getting yet another outing, with the announcement of "Championship Manager : Season 00/01". Another updated version of Championship Manager 3, this latest game adds all the latest team and player information as well as a whole slew of other features, including twenty six leagues to take part in, international tournaments (including B teams and under 21 matches), an improved transfer system, and a data editor to let you customise all the millions of statistics. There's even a new feature allowing you to go grovelling to the FA to ask for a fixture to be postponed, or to lodge a formal complaint!

The new game should be on store shelves in the UK on November 10th, and is sure to be another best seller for Eidos and developers Sports Interactive. You can also look forward to "Championship Manager : Season 01/02" this time next year, and a full "Championship Manager 4" in 2002. In the mean time, to find out more about the latest game in the series, read the full press release!

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