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This week's UK releases

Although we were expecting space sim add-on "X-Tension" and role-playing game "Arcatera" to be released today in the UK, as well as console port "Dino Crisis", but the only confirmed new release this week is UbiSoft's vehicle-bound action-strategy game "Infestation". Thanks as usual to Nemesis, who also mentioned that the Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition rules are now available as well, for any old school pencil and paper role-players out there.

Next week's releases are looking fairly spartan as well, with EA Sports' latest soccer games ("FA Premier League Stars 2001" and "Football Manager 2001") both slipping two weeks to September 8th. Sports fans can look forward to the official Olympics game from Eidos though - "Sydney 2000" is due Friday August 25th. We are also expecting real-time strategy game "Warlords Battlecry" to appear from Mattel, and possibly this week's MIAs. For all the latest UK release information, check EuroGamer's UK release date list.