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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Boycott ASUS?

Last month ASUS announced that they had developed a new set of features known as "3D SeeThrough Technologies" for their graphics card drivers, which would allow players to see through walls. Although ASUS later claimed this was a way of showing how 3D games work, the original press release made it clear that they considered it as a means of allowing their customers to cheat in online games. A poll run by The Online Gamers Association showed that 90% of its members were against the new drivers being released, resulting in an open letter being sent to ASUS.

ASUS had promised to take account of feedback from gamers when they decided whether or not to release the new features in their drivers, but since then the drivers have been leaked and ASUS have gone strangely quiet. They recently set up their own online vote on the issue, but the poll has been broken almost since it opened, with the few thousand gamers who did manage to register their opinion again showing 90% against the drivers being released. Now even the results have vanished from the ASUS website, and the promised feedback forum has never worked.

With ASUS' position still unclear, Angel Munoz, founder of the American-based pro-gaming organisation The CPL, has apparently called for a boycott of ASUS' products in an interview with Australian site According to Angel, "people should vote with their dollars and stop buying products from a company that has no respect for the competitive online community, which is the practice ground of most professional and amateur aspiring gamers".