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Frag 4 Details

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CPL founder Angel Munoz has posted to the CPL forums about some of the events that will be taking place at Frag 4 in Dallas in September. He talks about how the structure of the event is very different to those that have come before it. For example, everyone who's on the attendee list is guaranteed a shot at the $25,000 prize purse in the team tournament. Established clans are also welcome. Aside from that it's usual LAN Party fare, although news of a Compaq and Razer -sponsored Doom II tournament will no doubt bring a tear to the gaming world's eye. The various sponsors will be showing off their wares at the event, including Mad Catz and others. Telefragged are sponsoring an all-female tourney after the success in previous years of the "FFF" (Female Frag Fest), which has recently met with controversy from some quarters. Katherine Anna Kang (John Carmack's other half) who organised the first FFF, has been vocal about her opinions in favour of the tournament, but nonetheless it's meeting with some stigma. The Rocket Arena 3 tournament at Frag 4 will be the biggest of its kind with official sponsorship from Bawls, Case Ace and Cached.Net. All in all it looks as though it will be one of the most entertaining LANs in history. If you can get there, make sure you book your place!

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