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Image credit: Eurogamer

has posted MPEGs of a pair of "Cybernet TV" programs filmed at their Razer-CPL event earlier this year. The first one features interviews with John Carmack of id Software and his wife Katherine Anna Kang, as well as CPL founder Angel Munoz and several professional gamers. The second is titled "How To Be A Pro Gamer".

In related news, the CPL has announced that Ritual game designer Tom Mustaine has joined their "CPL Advisory Board", which includes such luminaries as John Romero, Cliff Bleszinski and .. um .. Stevie "KillCreek" Case. For those of you living under a rock out in the Gobi desert someplace, Ritual are the team behind "Sin" and the recently released (in the USA at least) third person action game "Heavy Metal : FAKK 2".

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