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Tribes 2 server requirements

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Tribes 2 is due out pretty soon - according to our sources it will go into closed beta within weeks. Even more evidence comes in the form of a forum post from Dave Georgeson at Dynamix in which he addresses the requirements in terms of hardware for fans wishing to run dedicated Tribes 2 servers during the beta test. Obviously in a game with such a heavy multiplayer impetus the server code needs to be rock solid, and as such it pays to think ahead like this. Unreal Tournament did very well when it first came out simply because it had strong dedicated server support. Epic sent CDs with the dedicated server software directly to server admins prior to release. While there's been no call for that just yet, Dynamix know the genre and will no doubt be offering even more support to server operators than has ever been seen before. Here's a snippet from Georgeson's forum post..

The entire update can be caught at the official Sierra Tribes 2 forums.

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