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Thief 3 : Return Of The Taffer?

An interesting rumour surfaced this weekend, with a former Looking Glass employee claiming that British publisher Eidos has plans to keep the Thief series alive. Both "Thief : The Dark Project" and "Thief 2 : The Metal Age" were developed at the legendary Looking Glass Studios in Boston, which was forced to shut down due to financial difficulties earlier this summer. Now Eidos has inherited the franchise, as well as early work which had been done on a third game in the series.

The spicy part is that Warren Spector and his team at Ion Storm Austin are apparently being entrusted with the future of the Thief series. Warren is certainly an obvious choice to continue the Thief series - he is himself a former Looking Glass designer, and briefly worked on the original Thief early in its development before leaving for Ion Storm, where he produced the excellent Unreal-engined conspiracy-laden first person game "Deus Ex". At this stage it's only a rumour, but hopefully we will know more soon...