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Everquest customer service shake-up

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Since it was released last year, one of the main criticisms of the highly addictive massively multiplayer role-playing game "EverQuest" has been the shoddy customer service and poor technical support offered for the game. Recently George Scotto was given the unenviable task of "rebuilding the customer service department at Verant" to answer those criticisms, and in an interview on CorpNews he explains the changes that are underway. "We're increasing staff, we're increasing coverage for our European users, and also trying to help out our Asian and Australian groups".

Just as importantly (particularly for American players), Verant have brought all their support in-house (billing inquiries, tech support and the rest), and fitted a new phone system so that you can actually get through to all of those new staff when you call their help line. "This is important because prior to July we had only one line coming in to the Verant building and it was a local number. So we've brought in a T1 line to our phone system which quadruples our capacity. That brings us up to 32 inbound lines and we've increased the staff from 5 phone reps to well over 15."

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