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Virtual Graz

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Engine licensing is big business in the gaming industry today, with the Quake 3, Unreal and Lithtech engines amongst the most popular. One of the more unusual uses we've heard about for the Unreal engine so far though is "Virtual Graz : Run For The Future", a game designed by Bongfish and the Computer Graphics & Vision group at the Graz University of Technology in Austria

Created specially for the EXPO 2000 exhibition in Hannover, the game is played on a pair of massive projector screens, and features a virtual representation of the city of Graz through which you must follow the evil Dr Waste. You can find out more on the Bongfish website, and there is now a trailer and some new screenshots of the project available on the Virtual Graz page over on UnrealEngine as well.

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