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CPL gets Eventricity

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Image credit: Eurogamer

When Microsoft bought out NetGames USA earlier this month, one of the most immediate consequences of the deal was that the CPL lost its contract to use the ngTourney admin system to run its massive professional gaming events. The CPL has today announced that it has found a replacement for NetGames USA's technology in the form of "Eventricity", which will now power this year's Frag 4 and $100,000 Babbages CPL tournaments and future events.

According to the CPL, Eventricity will allow "real-time results, sophisticated online community features, and new online spectator opportunities right on the event websites", as well as being used to automate the actual running of the event itself. The deal has been described by the CPL as an "exclusive, long-term partnership" which will "not only greatly enhance our live events but will also enhance the overall experience of our hundreds of thousands of online spectators".

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